With our no-fuss bookkeeping and BAS agent services, we help small businesses make big numbers less… number-y.

When it comes to running your business, you’ve got a handle on just about everything

Your offerings. Your branding. Your marketing. Your unique way of doing things that make you so damn popular with your customers. But when it comes to managing the money side of things? You’re a buck short. You love being your own boss (who doesn’t?), but you don’t love the idea of getting on the wrong side of Mr. Tax Man. You’re cluey, but keeping up with BAS, GST, XERO, COGS, and all the other fancy finance terms are leaving you scratching your head asking, ‘W-T-Fraction?’ And while you’re doing a bang-up job of bootstrapping your brand, you know every dollar only stretches so far. But investing in your books? That’s a no-brainer.

Let’s be honest: You’re not just looking for a bookkeeper.

You’re looking for someone to empower you to DIY your digits like a B-O-S-S.

You need an expert to teach you how to manage your moolah – but in a down-to-earth, practical way that makes sense.

You want a qualified professional to handle all the nitty-gritty number stuff so you can focus on what you do best.

And thinking long term, you dream of having someone on your team who you can rely on to take ALL the accounts stuff off your (already overflowing) plate.

Simply put, you’re looking for dependable, ethical, got-their-heads-screwed-on-right people to trust with your business.

That’s where we come in. Spreadsheets firing. Calculators handy. Software blazing. Ready to make sense out of your (hard-earned) dollars.

We’re Dollars + Sense

Small business bookkeeping experts

BAS agents

Xero pros

Professional number whisperers

Dollars + Sense is a boutique bookkeeping and consultancy company based in Melbourne, Australia, offering cloud-based bookkeeping and efficient systems to ensure your financial data is correct and up to date for accurate reporting. (Which is just a fancy-schmancy way of saying we *know* numbers and how to keep them on the right side of the balance sheet.) Our bookkeeping service was founded on a few simple principles:
  • Simple Principle Onee People matter more than numbers, no question about it. But that doesn’t mean people can’t learn to care about their numbers, too.
  • Simple Principle Two Lodging your BAS and balancing your books shouldn’t be an overwhelming, time-consuming, stress-inducing chore. (That’s what social media is for.)
  • Simple Principle Three Smart bookkeeping practices should help you to save time and money so you can get back to what makes sense – which is growing your business.

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but…

#HumbleBrag One:

Over the past eight years, we’ve helped over 100 businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs wrangle their BAS, payroll, cash flow, budgets, and accounts. Yep, this isn’t our first rodeo.

#HumbleBrag Two:

We’ve earned a solid reputation in the industry as the trusted bookkeeping bunch that busy accountants turn to for help.

#HumbleBrag Three:

Our love of BAS, coupled with our deep knowledge (and passion!) for cloud-based accounting systems, bring efficiency and ease to the financial management of your business.

#HumbleBrag Four:

Our clients say our service is the best not-so-secret weapon they’ve invested in, which is kind of a big call, but we’re super proud to take it. (Seriously. BLUSHING.)

We’re batty about bookkeeping and BAS.

Our head honcho, Helen Haines, has 20 years’ experience trailblazing in small business and corporate leadership, which means she knows exactly what SBOs need to run successful brands (and what they don’t). With her signature, no-BS approach to bookkeeping, Helen utilises her unique skill-set to help busy small businesses across the country effectively manage their finances, so they can grow the thing they love the most. Offering everything from cloud-based bookkeeping, one-off BAS statement lodgements, Xero training, setup and more, Helen and the team offer tailored and personalised services to help you navigate the world of tax and accounting with ease. Save time, save money, lose the overwhelm, and invest in a keen number-cruncher that genuinely understands and cares about your business. Now, that makes sense.

Ready to change the way you see your numbers?

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