One-Off BAS (Compliance)

We’ll be the final set of (professional) eyes, ensuring all your bookkeeping is in order.

Put your mind at ease and let us confirm what a terrific job you’ve done with the numbers. (*High five*)

The words ‘meeting ATO obligations’ might invoke a slight rise in your resting heart rate — but it really shouldn’t! If you’re the type to keep on top of records and devote energy to balancing the books, well, kudos to you. Our one-off BAS compliance service is the perfect solution if expenditure is important to you, but you’d still like to have a professional cast their eyes over your Business Activity Statement to make sure it’s in ship shape. 

In a nutshell, you sometimes can’t leave things to chance. In these instances, prevention really is better than cure — and could literally save you a stack of cash to boot.

Perfect for:

Competent financial record keepers who want our assurance that they’re awesome.

What can we do for you?

One-Off BAS (Compliance)

Meeting ATO obligations for BAS

Pats on the back

Your investment: $120* + GST

(*Providing documents are ready and supplied)

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