Consulting & Advisory

Our multi-faceted experience knows no bounds; we’re here to help with whatever you need.

There’s a lot to do and remember when it comes to running a small to medium-sized business. Our expertise and support will keep things balanced — and your mind at ease!

Running a business is one thing; running a business that’s financially optimised for success is another. (We should know; we’ve seen a few.) With so many moving parts to consider, why not allow us to guide you on how you might improve and sculpt your operations to maximise profits and minimise outgoings — that’s the ultimate objective, right?

From ATO compliance right through to your day-to-day finances and everything in-between, we want to be there for you and show you how this big ol’ machine can, and should, run smoothly.

Perfect for:

Optimising and taking your business finances to a whole new – and sustainable – next level. (Because you know you want to – and hot dang, you’re ready for it.)

What can we do for you?

Consulting & Advisory

  • Budgets, payroll – specific projects or requests once a relationship has been established
  • Analysis and advice on Industry Award
  • Consulting/Training of staff in accounting software
  • Reporting Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, other reports as required
  • Cashflow and Budgeting set up and maintenance
  • Costings
  • Advanced and specific reporting
  • Debt Collection
  • Repair work
  • Other services as agreed between the Client and Dollars + Sense

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