Clean Up Job

Does it feel like your bookkeeping might need a spring clean, but it’s the middle of February? Look no further….

Believe it or not, we like nothing more than getting our hands on some business bookkeeping that looks in desperate need of some love and attention.

Whatever the type of job — big, small, and messy — we take everything on. As scary as accounting might appear, there’s no need to put these things off. We’ve got your back! Once all those accounts balance and the reports are in gleaming condition, the pressure lifts, and you can breathe again. SIGH. 

Moving forward — and preventing you from ending back in another sticky situation — we encourage you to facilitate a Xero training package or otherwise engage us with your ongoing bookkeeping demands. (Hooray! Crisis averted!)

Perfect for:

The freaked out ‘I’m-In-Over-My-Head!’ business owner with the messy, neglected, head-scratching business accounts that need a one-off tidy up to be brought back on track.

What can we do for you?

Clean Up Job

  • Per basis job analysis
  • Tailored to your needs specifically
  • Your beaming smile when it’s all done!

Your investment: POA

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