BAS got you hiding under the covers? Numbers and reports making your head spin? Researching about GST got you saying Help Me?

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The Ultimate BAS Prep Checklist (To Make BAS
Time A Breeze)

Tax time as a small business can be scary, overwhelming and downright unpleasant. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right support, lodging your BAS can actually be painless and empowering. As the BAS agent of choice for many Australian startups and SMB’s, we are passionate about helping founders take control of their money, own their business financials and feel completely at ease about their tax situation.

This free, downloadable eBook is for you if:

  • You’ve heard of GST and think you need to be registered for it, but have no idea how.
  • Getting all of the tax paperwork sorted for your BAS just feels like a monster of a job.
  • You don’t know anything about lodgement cut-offs, frequencies, extensions… or anything.
  • Tax terms make you feel queasy. You want it explained in understandable, human language.
  • You just need something that helps you get your BAS in the right way, the first time.
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What other Aussie small businesses had to say.

“Helen and the team at Dollars and Sense speak in terminology I understand, helping to keep my accounting up-to-date. As someone that doesn’t understand numbers, they are a lifesaver!”

Chelsea Johnson,

Miss Jay’s Nails and Beauty.

“We have worked with Dollars + Sense for over five years. Helen patiently turned a mess into a balanced, on-the-dot account. Helen is dedicated, dynamic and highly intelligent. We love her innovative style that makes bookkeeping so easy.”

Adriana Galanis,


“Helen has been an asset to my company from the very first meeting. I knew she would bring a sense of clarity and calm to the accounts section of the business. Four years later and we have never been in better shape due to the experience and attention to detail provided – I could not speak more highly of her.”

Todd Patrick,

Patrick School of the Arts.

“Hiring Helen and her team was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. I’m always confident that she will get the job done to the high standards that I require giving me back time to work on other aspects of the business.”

Sara Woodroffe,

Simply Stronger Exercise Physiology.

Download Free – The Ultimate BAS Prep Checklist (To Make BAS Time A Breeze)


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About Dollars + Sense.

Helen Haines is the director and founder and BAS agent of choice for Dollars + Sense.

After 20 years trailblazing in small business and corporate leadership, Helen is happiest utilising her unique skill-set to help busy small businesses across the country effectively manage their finances, so they can grow the thing they love the most. 

Offering everything from cloud-based bookkeeping, one-off BAS statement lodgements, Xero training, setup and more, Helen and the team offer tailored and personalised services to help you navigate the world of tax and accounting with ease.

Save time, save money, lose the overwhelm and invest in a keen number-cruncher that truly understands and cares about your business. Now, that makes sense.

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